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Improve Your Fertility with Meditation

Fertility Meditation CD’s and downloads

Imagery and Meditations to support a Medicated Fertility Cycle Jennifer R. Bloome MS OTR HWC

A Journey of the Heart: Meditations for a Fertile Soul Jennifer R. Bloome MS OTR HWC

Audio Fertility Meditation Downloads

Includes Fertility Affirmations, Meditations for a Fertile Soul, A Soft Place to Land: Guided Meditations for Healing After Pregnancy Loss, Imagery and Meditations in Support of a Natural Cycle, Imagery and Meditations in Support of a Medicated Cycle, Imagery and Meditations in Support of an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycle ,Imagery and Meditations in Support of Women Experiencing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

General Meditation

Headspace  Download or use the App for beginner or returning meditators. Free 10 min. daily meditations with daily (non-annoying) inspirations and clear basic animations to help illustrate concepts.

Ovulation: Signs and Tracking

Signs of ovulation Knowing your body’s indicators of ovulation is an important step increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

These seven signs let you know that you are ovulating: Fertile cervical mucus, Increased sexual desire, Increased basal body temperature, Changes in cervical position, Positive result on an ovulation predictor kit, Breast tenderness, Saliva ferning

Resources for charting your cycle

BBT Charts

BBT Charts For IPhone

BBT Charts through Taking Chart of your Fertility

Basal Body Temperature thermometers