Turning a breech baby in Traditional Chinese Medicine is done by encouraging fetal movement with moxibustion. breech baby Seattle WAMoxibustion is a technique used to warm acupuncture points.The heat from burning moxa sticks stimulates the baby to move thus encouraging it to turn.The moxa sticks contain processed leaves of the mugwort plant which burns very hot. Acupuncture is effective in combination with moxibustion. We will instruct you in techniques to help you turn your baby at home as well.

A randomized controlled trial (see below) indicates that at approximately 70% of breech babies will turn using this method. If the baby does not turn from its breech position, external cephalic version should be attempted just before labour begins. Further information can be found in the Cochrane Library.

Research Moxibustion in the 33rd week may turn breech babies via increased fetal movements. Abstract: http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=188144

Breech Presentation is variation of a normal birth presentation. It does not necessarily mean the birth must be done via Cesarean Section. There are various techniques that can be done to stimulate the baby to turn itself. Often if the baby does not turn there is some reason. Sometimes the cord is too short, the placenta is in the way or the baby is simply too big to turn itself.

We also offer Chiropractic to encourage the  baby to turn. The Webster technique is very gentle and is done to relax the ligaments around the pelvis. This creates more space for the baby to move and turn itself.

Additional information about moxibustion and acupuncture for breech presentation.

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