Communication has always been most natural through touch and movement. The first picture of Joanna Schwartzkoft LMPmemory of giving someone a massage was in kindergarten. The teacher would sit at the front of the class talking, and never being one who had idle hands for long, I would stand behind her and rub her shoulders with my hands. Early memories are all ones of touch: grass under bare feet, dark mud through fingers, strands of hair teased into braids, and moved into art, sewing and tango dancing as an adult.

This affinity for touch is applied by listening to the signals each body gives, providing the ideal amount of pressure whinle being able to feel the body release and respond. A variety of precise techniques centered around myofascial gathering are employed, which functions below the threshold of pain, letting the body can more easily accept and integrate the work being offered.

Beyond moving through the world kinesthetically I have always loved puzzles. Each client that is viewed as a three dimensional, living, breathing and emotional puzzle that needs caring for. The goal of each massage to assist the body in restoring its natural tensegrity and motility through focused, attentive and precise soft tissue manipulation. The disciplines and treatments utilized will always be informed by the philosophy that each person is a whole unit compromised of intertwining systems. Nothing acts alone or is effected alone.

Joanna has such a warm and healing touch that envelops your whole body. She is very passionate about her work and is up-to-date on the latests theories and methods of body work. Highly recommended.” -Juliet